Endpoint Security Solutions

Comprehensive endpoint security enablement and management

Endpoints have become diverse and over a period of time with BYOD and IOT, the definition of what constitutes and endpoint is also changing. Enterprise customers need a to look at threats (outside-in, inside-out) and device vulnerability in entirety.

Endpoint Security Architecture

  • Outside-in protection: AV++
  • Inside-out protection: Data Loss Prevention
  • Device protection: Patching & Encryption
  • Mobile Security and device management

Endpoint Security Operations

  • 24×7 monitoring of endpoint operations
  • Incident management and remediation
  • SLA based compliance – patch levels and organization penetration

End User Security Solutions

  • Employee Privilege Management – DPM
  • Privilege Identity Management solution
  • Multi-Factor Authentication solution

Implement, Migrate & Roll-out

  • Enterprise AV rollout and migration
  • Endpoint patch solution deployment with built-in workflows
  • Accelerated DLP deployment with preconfigured solutions

Governance and Reporting

  • Endpoint policy framework in line with overall organization security policy
  • Organization-wide Patch and AV compliance matrix
  • Endpoint vulnerability and incident response

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