Simplify Endpoint Security with Next Generation Endpoint Detection Prevention Response

Current Challenge

Today’s evolving IT landscape is an amalgamation of businesses going digital, increase in cloud adoption for multitude of applications and end user compute devices becoming more heterogeneous than ever to cover IoT. The nature of cyber attacks and attackers have become more stealth and sophisticated. Advanced techniques are being adopted to infiltrate enterprise networks with intent to cause service disruption, stealing sensitive information or to simply demand ransom.

Why do we need it?

Enterprise endpoints continue to be the most vulnerable and often the last line of defense to prevent attacks. The ever-increasing footprint of point products to detect, protect and respond to cyber attacks adds to the complexity of securing the enterprise. Each of the point products adds an agent to the endpoint and is often managed independent of the other security technologies present on that endpoint.

Managing these multiple endpoint technologies adds to the complexity of the environment. IT and security teams across organizations want ‘simple to deploy and use’, ‘easy to manage’ product that can work on heterogeneous environment and provide overall security against:

  • External Threats Such As Zero Day, APT, Ransomware, Viruses, Spyware & other Crimeware
    • Exploiting System Vulnerabilities
    • Gaining system / environment access through attacks
  • Internal Threats Such As Data Theft and Data Leakage
    • Exploit lack of supervision for corporate information flow
    • Exploit poor policy implementation and / or governance
  • Non-Compliance With Policies Or Regulations

Solution components

A Real Time Defense Against Malicious Activity of any nature is an absolute necessity

  • Sequretek’s Kawach help organizations to Detect, Protect and Respond against Zero day threats, advanced persistent threats, Ransomware attacks and other malware. Kawach is the first product in the industry to achieve efficiency and sophistication in product design that combines multitude of technologies.
  • Kawach combines Advanced Antivirus, Advanced Threat Protection, Host Firewall, Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Device control, Application Whitelisting, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and Patching into a single product. Kawach is designed with a single agent and single management framework architecture to include all of these technologies.

EDPR value proposition

 Comprehensive centrally managed and cross platform technology to protect against advanced threats and improve end user productivity

  • Superior Detection
    External and Internal Threat Detection based on Artificial Intelligence and behavior technologies across attack chain. In memory exploit detection to identify suspicious data. Emulator to detect zero day attacks and hidden malware. File reputation to identify anomalous behavior.
  • Comprehensive Protection
    Protect against ransomware, advanced persistent threats, data leaks, device control, application control and emulator. A single management console and high performance, lightweight agent to protect the business without slowing down end users.
  • Integrated Response
    End to End Response mechanism including device control, application control, system patching, prevention of data leak and automated actions through a single management console and unified agent. Easy integration with Security Management solutions for better response.