Digital Personaé Management

An identity access and governance solution

Current Challanges

Today’s complex IT environments create challenges around identity governance, management and enforcement of access controls within the organizations. Access policy violations can expose organizations to various challenges including audit non-compliance, fraud risks, data leakage /theft, managing stale / expired access across the organization.

Automated enforcement of access policies, providing self-service access for ease of use and managing access lifecycle for every employee are imperatives towards creating a robust identity governance and access administration solutions for organizations.

Why we need it?

For a very long time organizations have focused on entitlements of privileges linked to core business applications using a combination of custom workflows, identity management systems and manual reconcilliiation. There are several challenges linked to this approach, primary of which is the issue that the entitlements landscape as well as security risks linked to those entitlements (see image below) have undergone a massive change.

  • Core application user penetration is not high for example in a manufacturing company core ERP application would not cover more than 40% of the employee base, however email or a shared file /folder would see a coverage over 80%.
  • Same thing holds true for organizational data, core applications hold typically between 20-40% of the organizational data, whereas between email, local desktops and shared files/folders hold the balance.
  • Entitlements now cover privileges linked not only to application but areas like
    • endpoint control – USB enablement, internet access, administrative rights on endpoints
    • Shared services – Network printer, shared files/folders,es/folders,

Solution Components

Digital Personae Management has following solution components:

  1. Employee Identity lifecycle Management and administration
    • Automated Provisioning and De-provisioning of employees (on roll and off roll)
    • Orchestrate and Manage employee lifecycle business processes – Onboarding, Transfers and / or change in responsibilities, off boarding and other ad hoc requests
    • Delegation and exception management workflow
    • Robust rules engine for entitlement management and real time rule deployment
    • Inclusive management, provisioning and orchestration of all service requirements such as distribution list management, file & folder access management, hardware and software asset management
    • Audit trails and compliance checks through built in workflows
    • Robust reporting engine for executive dashboards and granular reporting
  2. Entitlement Management – Request, Approval, Provisioning and De-provisioning
    • Secure, automated and policy based access workflows that ensure authorized user access to information systems
    • Extend the access authorization and management through built in ‘Active Directory’ integration
    • Privileges allotted on a need basis and upon appropriate access approvals in an automated manner
    • Policy based and user / manager controlled revocation of access upon time period expiry including mandated renewal of access permissions
    • Robust governance and control engine with audit trails and event analysis
    • Role and membership access control and administration with up to three levels of approvals built in the standard product
    • Covers more than 20 different types of built in common access requests such as Folder access, USB, Internet, application access, WiFi, data transfer etc.
    • Ability to create, add, delete modify more controls, levels of approvals and access requests
  3. Application Integration for access and request management
    • Out of box integration with industry standard applications for employee productivity and management: Active Directory, HRMS, eMail, IT Service Management
    • Standard SOA / Web Services based integration possible with other applications to deliver consistent results across fulfillment channels e.g. Physical Access Control systems, critical applications
  4. Workflows for Approvals, Provisioning and Exception Management
    • Ready to use workflows to manage key processes around approvals, provisioning and exceptions
    • Rich repository of built in workflows to address everyday tasks of access management and employee handling within HR and Active Directory systems
    • Robust workflow creation framework to incorporate additional process within the application
  5. Controls and Compliance Automation
    • User Friendly Compliance reporting dashboards for audit and governance purposes.
    • Robust audit trail for compliance reporting.
    • Automated controls for process automation and risk management.

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