Manage Detection & Response ( MDR )

24 x 7 monitoring, assessment and defence of Enterprise Information Systems

Current Challanges

Cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving in today’s digitally connected world. Organizations have to deal with complex IT environments, which stretch the boundaries of traditional enterprises with integrated value chains, mobile employee base and movement to cloud. Cyber attackers often exploit the weakest link in this complex environment to launch cyber attacks varying in their degree of severity and stealth.
Organization these days deploy myriad of technologies to prevent these attacks and in case of regulated industries to remain compliant. There are over forty different technology components that for part of security ecosystem covering network, datacenter, cloud, application, email, data and endpoints. This heterogeneous approach on one hand provides the best of breed technologies for protecting the organizations but on the other presents a large challenge to define, collect, collate, interpret, and define actionable intelligence that can help organization improve their security posture.

Why we need it?

  • Define organizational security posture
  • Determine type, level volume, of sources
  • Collect, collate, correlate & analyze telemetry data
  • Overlay cyber threat intelligence
  • Derive actionable cyber security intelligence
  • Cyber security incident response & remediation

Limiting the effect and duration of incidents

Corporations today face a high risk of security incident and increased possibility of serious financial problems caused by a data breach. Research shows majority of incidents would have been avoided through simple or intermediate-level controls. An effective Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) can help organization protect critical assets and data and lower risks by increasing awareness and creating controls.
Effective CSIRT framework is combination of activities that organizations can undertake during Peacetime primarily around monitoring, simulation and health check, for Wartime (in case of attack) around respond, remediate and forensics.

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