Secure Infrastructure Services

Enabiling and managing datacenter and network security

Infrastructure (Datacenter & Network) has become complex and fragmented due to rapid growth and acquisitions. An enterprise-based infrastructure security approach provides tangible reduction in TCO, and enable business to be agile and competitive

Secure Infrastructure Architecture

  • Planning, design and segmentation
  • Configuration reviews
  • Data center & Network security
  • Mobile Security / Cloud Computing

Firewall Assessment Services

  • Implementation and administration
  • Migration and consolidation
  • Firewall analysis, Tuning and optimization for performance and compliance

Advanced Infrastructure Security

  • Anti-APT planning, implementation & remediation
  • Patching & Security of virtualized environment

Asset & Inventory Management

  • Asset Management Solution
  • License metering and management
  • DPM based workflow integration with Asset, License, Patch Management systems

Data Discovery & Loss Prevention

  • Dataflow Analysis to know where the data resides and traverses
  • Preventing data leaks, inadvertent or by design, from the organization

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