Security Analytics

Multi-dimensional analytics to create actionable threat intelligence

Current Challenge

Today’s security threats have become very complicated with each threat manifesting itself into a series of attempted attacks/breaches across customer’s technology landscape (network, servers, applications, messaging, endpoints etc.). Whilst there are several security technology components that customers deploy across this landscape, what is missing is the ability to get holistic view of the security landscape.

The second problem that customers face is the ability to correlate security related or system generated log data generated by devices and drive meaningful intelligence around the organizational threat state. This correlated data is required to predict potential security breaches or in the event of a successful breach, conduct forensic research to pinpoint the exact nature and source of the breach


Security Analytics platform is a big-data analytics technology platform, which can effectively mine this huge data across several axis and drive multi-dimensional analysis. Sequretek has chosen Neo4J based graphical database, which has the ability to receive real-time data as well as analyze data across several dimensions. To effectively mine this data, Sequretek will be writing several proprietary algorithms that can look at data from various sources internal as well as external to the organization and help companies to better understand their security threats.

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