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T&M Industry is seeing siesmic changes from the way the products and services are created, to how they are delivered and how long would could they extend the shelf life of the offerings. This industry has been at the forefront of absorbing technologies, more so than their peers, such as – IOT including mobile penetration, Cloud, Big Data analytics, Social media technologies to name a few.  Whilst these technologies have enabled companies to embrace the changes far more effectively, the extended boundaries of the orgnaization be it what gets defined – employee, supplier, partner or customer, has brought in a host of security challenges.


  1. Threat of Insiders:

Technology companies  are part of their customer’s value chain, which gives them access to sensitive customer information. One of the most consistent threats to the companies turn out to be someone inside the organization such as an employee or contractor. Insiders are a problem because they are trusted to handle information within the company and based on their position, they could have access to sensitive information. Dealing with malicious, disgruntled or ignorant insiders is much more difficult than outsiders.

  1. Access control:

T&M industry is very human resource intense the added complexity one has to grapple with is ensuring that access to technology privilieges are controlled and governed well. This is easier than it sounds, considering that alongwith large resource base one also has to address the issue of churn within the organization and external to it. Companies continuously find themselves on the wrong side of compliance on this aspect, where you have resources who privileges that they are not authorised for, exposing companies to potential threats.

  1. Data Protection:

Being part of customer value chain means that companies have access to extremely sensitive customer information. Any breach on their networks will expose the company and consequently its customers to financial, reputation or legal risks.

  1. Value Chain Security:

A number of business processes, which require media companies (and technology companies to some extent) to share confidential information with third parties, make them vulnerable to information security breaches. – Increased number of licensing deals and collaborations – Increased outsourcing for purposes of content creation, editing or finishing to third parties – Increased usage of social media and other technologies for information exchange, promotion and communication.

  1. IP Protection:

Nothing is more valuable to both technology and media companies is the IP they create or the content they generate. The value of stealing a potentially successful design, particularly one not protected yet, is huge. IP theft offers the unethical competitor the opportunity to bypass the risk and cost of R&D or creation of original content.

  1. Compliance Regulations:

Whilst there are limited governmental compliance norms, most revolve around protecting customer or employee personal information data, it is the customers who drive series of compliance requirements for companies to adhere to. These become the defacto mandates for companies in order for them to conduct business with their customers.


Sequretek helps its customers in understanding the threat landscape and offers solutions that cover the whole spectrum from protecting data to managing information security risk through the extended supply chain as well as responding to security incidents and vulnerabilities.

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