Vulnerability & Threat Management

Determining potential threats to applications and infrastructure elements

Provides an independent baseline and validation of the organization’s security posture. Simulate attacks to identify vulnerabilities in the Network, Systems and Applications to, evaluate risks, and develop remediation plans tailored to unique business requirements and security needs

Vulnerability Assessments

  • Scanning of the target infrastructure, establishing a baseline and making compliance easier by validating external posture
  • Providing an overall security picture at a lower cost with repeatable exercises
  • Periodically verifying assets (infra and apps) are properly protected; evaluating recurring differentials and managing vulnerability
  • Required by many industry regulations and standards


Penetration Testing

  • Takes Vulnerability Assessment to the next level
  • Manual testing and exploits, in addition to false positive reduction of automated results
  • Taken from the perspective of a malicious external entity, or rogue internal resource
  • Verifying that defense in depth and response capabilities are working as designed, along with security controls validation
  • Required by many industry regulations and standards

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